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book designs.


there’s something incredible about really beautiful books. books are an obsession of mine anyway, but it’s a genuine treat to read from a pretty one.


i’d love to do something like this eventually – crafting everything, every little detail, from the gold embossing on the Harry Potter covers to the Night Circus red ribbon bookmark to the clear plastic book jackets on the Chaos Walking books. it’s designing the setting of an experience, and it’s amazing. 




layered bracelets.

i wish i knew why i have such an obsession with this.

tumblr_lyw6gqGv2p1qh7a1to1_500 tumblr_lywuvzdHn81qd672ko1_500

the first picture is from Koko & Beau and the second i found completely randomly on tumblr or somewhere.

these are from theprettygirlshow on etsy and they’re actually just one bracelet, it’s all connected at the back, which i love in some ways and hate in others, but they’re so beautiful i know i’ll buy them in the end. i’m dying to buy a bunch of their single-charm bracelets and stack them all up though, and i’m also thinking about buying some cheap charms on etsy and making my own things with them. there’s just something about piling lots of beautiful things together, playing with contrast, mixtures where everything is beautiful, but the overall effect is of something a little sharper than beauty.

this post is an example of how much i overthink anything remotely connected to design. this is why my portfolio website isn’t done yet even though i’ve had the domain name for months now – every idea leads to a million different ideas and i can’t pick what i like best and every time i do i find something new to inspire me and lead me down more paths.


This blog used to be my general lifestyle rants but you know what, I don’t really have particularly interesting lifestyle rants. What I do have is a huge interest in design – specifically graphics and websites, but I’ve been known to mess about with cameras and origami and papercraft. I love books and fashion and architecture. I love art you can live inside, art that reacts to people. And I’m a maths student, so my definition of beauty and of art extends to theorems and computer programs and calculus and plenty of places people often don’t seek out art. And I sort of need somewhere to put all of that enthusiasm.

So what should you expect? Not a clue. Lots of photos and bits of design stuff and links to things I love and just a sort of amalgamation of everything that inspires me and everything that happens when I’m inspired. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m excited.