This is a blog that is, essentially, about design and inspiration in all their forms.

Graphic design, photography, architecture, literature, geometry, music, sculpture, web design, fashion, calculus, papercraft, interior decorating, origami, computer programming, woodworking, landscapes, and all of the other beautiful things that inspire my own work every day.

Some of it is my legitimate design work, some of it is just me sharing pictures and links I like, and some of it will probably seem to the vast majority of people like nothing to get too excited over, but all of it means something to me as a designer and all of it sparks new ideas for things I can do.

As for me?

I’m Karen, an almost-twenty-year-old maths student, living in Dublin during the college year and the middle of nowhere in summer. Passionate about maths, design, books, and running. Glasses, dark hair, dark eyes. Beyond lucky to have my friends, family and boyfriend. In treatment for depression. Chronically overenthusiastic, overdedicated and overexcited.

Yes okay so most of this blog may turn out to be the sort of thing I cringe at in five years but oh well, you never know if you never try.